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"Citizens, in the future there will be neither darkness nor thunderbolts; neither ferocious ignorance, nor bloody retaliation. As there will be no more Satan. In the future no one will kill anyone else, the earth will beam with radiance, the human race will love. The day will come... When all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life"
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

The Master Art Mutant (Also Known As The Unearthly Demagogue and/or Wings of an Angel) Is A Veteran Psychonaut, Poet-Philosopher And Digital Artist - Specializing In An Original Style Of Psychedelic Art, As Well As On Hyper-Detailed Mandalas And Kaleidoscopes. I Invite You Hereby To Experience My Signature Style, Focusing On Subliminal Tripping And Reflecting On Humanity's Darkest And Brightest Sides, Thus Illuminating Our Imaginary Sense Of Superiority And Psychological Complexes. This Unfathomable Universe - One-Of-A-Kind And Colossal In Its Scope Of Artistic Expression And Expressive Power, Explores The Human Consciousness et al. With Razor-Sharp Existential Commentary And Remarkably Unorthodox Humor, All The While, Diving Ever-Deeper Into The Profound Projections Of Our Fears, Contradictions, Mystifications And Enigmas. I Would Like To Believe That My Genuine Artistry, Worldviews And Life Philosophies Are Matched By A Genuine Personality And Infinitely Open Horizons. I've Also Been Creating Original Music For The Last 25 Odd Years, And In Recent Years, I Move Away From One-Dimensional Mediums Such As Music And Visual Art On Their Own - Into An Integrative Model Of Combining My Soundtracks With Full-Fledged Animation Videos Of My Art, In The Form Of Ever-Evolving Mandalas. I Welcome You To My Universe And Wish You An Enlightening Flight!

Visit My Gallery @ MOCA: Museum of Computer Art:…

Visit My Second Gallery @ MOCA: Museum of Computer Art:…

Visit My Feature As July Featured Artist @ The Horror Zine:…

Visit My Feature As The October Selected Poet @ The Horror Zine:…

I Wholeheartedly Believe That Multimedia Project Such As Mine Shall Be The Much-Needed Replacement To The Archaic Concepts That We've Been Accustomed To (Of Museums, Art Galleries etc'). Thenceforth, Humbly, I Hope That My Vision Will Give Birth To The Art Of The Future And Facilitate Spirituality And Transformation Of Consciousness. In My Perception, We Must Replace All The Old Models And Masters With Fresh Paradigms And Role Models - In Tune With The Spirit Of This Quickly Changing Postmodern Era. May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Unearthly Adventure! n Era. May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Unearthly Adventure! 

Tripping Guaranteed!

It's Late... After Midnight... You Can't Sleep, And Thence, Out Of Boredom, You Decide To Turn On The TV... You Go From Channel To Channel With Obvious World-Weariness, Without Seeing Anything Interesting Or Mildly Relevant To Your Existential Ennui... All Of A Sudden - Boom! You Mysteriously Find A Bizarre Channel You Haven't Stumbled Upon Before - But What Is This Channel? All You See Are Ever-Moving And Ever-Evolving Images Of Mandalas And There's Also Background Music Of Unfamiliar Nature... "What Is This?", You Ask Yourself In Amazement... You Stare At The Screen As If You Were Possessed - Bewitched, Bewildered, In Awe, In Love... It's So Trippy, Inspiring, Unearthly, Otherworldly... Congratulations Dear Cosmic Voyager! You've Just Fallen In Love With The Art Mutant's 24/7 Subliminal Seances Broadcast Channel!

For The First Time Ever, You May Choose To Experience Full-Fledged Psychedelic Trips Without Risking Taking Any Entheogens Or Hallucinogens! Mutate Your Mind With My Mind-Expanding Art - Create Miracles In A Flash Inspiration! Awaken Your Imagination And Psychoactively Enrich Your Senses. My Creative Journey Embodies The Matrix Of Human Existence With Infinite Dimensions And Demonstrate Natural Healing Qualities - Facilitating Lucid Moments Of Out-Of-Body-Traveling, Near-Death-Experiences And Haunting Mediumship Seances With Your Higher-Self!

I Wholeheartedly Believe That Multimedia Project Such As Mine Shall Be The Much-Needed Replacement To The Archaic Concepts That We've Been Accustomed To (Of Museums, Art Galleries etc'). Thenceforth, Humbly, I Hope That My Vision Will Give Birth To The Art Of The Future And Facilitate Spirituality And Transformation Of Consciousness. In My Perception, We Must Replace All The Old Models And Masters With Fresh Paradigms And Role Models - In Tune With The Spirit Of This Quickly Changing Postmodern Era. May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Unearthly Adventure! 

Tripping Guaranteed!

Start Your Mind-Blowing Journey In This Magical World Of Art By Watching An Animated Show. Click The Subsequent Youtube Links To View Any Of These Videos That I Create Specifically For Hardcore Dreaming And Tripping. These Are Genuine Digital Entheogens!


We'll Have To Continue Our Lives Absent-Minded, A Requisite Hither-Thither To Oriental Philosophy

Our Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

Biographic Self Deception Is Like A Wheel Of Fortune

If You're Dreaming About The Absolute,You Were Meant To Live For Things That No One Else Wants

A Perineal Massage To The Soul Before An Orgasm Takes Its Toll

Cannot Create A Toxin Out Of Mortality

Learning From Your Deeper Self Kills, Unless You Start Your Own Cult

I Smoke The Unseen Body Partitions Of All You Who Live Inside The Caudex

The Barrier To Bliss Often Caricatures Our Humanification

Are Passions Just Life's Reactions To Everything We See As Healthy?

Just As Fairytales Are The Failures Of Reality, An Open Mind Can Be As Pretty As A Lie

Infinity Is To Re-Speak Our Mind While Existence Is On Acid

 Movement Interacts With A Symbolic Representation Of Timelessness

Without Facial Expressions, There Can Be No Confusion, So Let's Lobotomize All Our Loved Ones

Your Delusionss Disperse The Ego Whose Passions Are Formless And Transient

Beseeching In Half Awkwardness About The Means To Replace Foresighted Natural Selection

If You Trust A Mystic, You Will Surely Become A Cystic Statistic

Incognito Influences Of Utopian Near-Death Schemes In Conjunction With Promises Of Trivial Grandeur

Fragmentary Phobias Are Expressed In Gentle Gestures Of Persuasion

The Petty Swansong Of Our Infantile Codependency On A Higher Awakening

Doomsday Hushed The Bowstrings Of Feckless Truth Seeking Which Led Us To Mass Extinction

The Bawdy Monkey Business Of Irreversible Relaxation

Subordinate Every Thought To Deception And Fair Danger

Present In The Contagious Contemplation Of An Uncoming Tomorrow

Kharon's Journey From The Amphibian Barracks To Hades


Hello everybody! 
How do you do?
Today I wish to address, shortly, my profound puzzlement regarding the lack of interests in my mandala video art (…), which as far as I know is unique (humbly said) and has no equivalent...
I have published 19 videos to date, directly from my darkroom to the screen of the viewer - however, there seems to be no interest on youtube for this kind of art...  Can you guess/explain why is it so, in your eyes?
Is it because it is demanding, requiring an attention span that's beyond today's standards? Or maybe simply this kind of art has no demand because it's too "alien"/avant-garde? 
I personally love what I do and will continue producing new videos because to me it's amazingly challenging to create such evolving, infinite, presentation of art mutation... Each video is literally composed of hundreds and thousands of my original artworks, therefore it's a lot of work, but it's also fun and I really find the end result beautiful and special :)

Art and death - or – why you mustn't trust artists and intellectuals and must take yourself and artists with a grain of salt and some laughter

A few hours ago, we've been told by the local Israeli press, that a very famous artist committed suicide because of an ongoing investigation regarding his past relationships with female students, during his working years as an art school professor. Guilty or not [the police hasn't begun an official investigation up to now because no complaints were filed; it was a voyeuristic journalistic item as part of the all-encompassing #metoo shaming campaign] – the lesson to be learned over and over again is simple: artists are usually pretty screwed up as is, in most cases – not the most mentally stable folk – plus, easily emotionally/spiritually/intellectually manipulated due to personalities which tend to be over-dramatic, gullible and easily-impressionate [especially when young].  I have never identified myself as an artist, because it had always been a hobby so to speak, all the more so, I've always treated artists and intellectuals with suspicion. Today, as a veteran hobbyist artist, with 20+ odd years of continuous creative adventures, I have become all the more critical of the art world and its inhabitants. I think that most art is doomed to be forgotten anyway, and what's considered as the crème-de-la-crème of the art world should at best be viewed as an outstanding reflection of humanity's history, psychology and social criticism. Culture, with art being a key ingredient, are important to a degree – but they say nothing about the person and his/her key values, moral stance and potential. I've seen far more trustable (from a social point of view) non-artist folks than those who identify themselves as artists. Also, we [myself included of course] tend to see our work as having some kind of intrinsic spiritual value, but remember that most humanity doesn't even have access to culture and art – living in third-world countries or even worse.

I have never really "grooved" with people who see themselves as self-proclaimed accursed prophets, creative geniuses and so forth… This is why FB failed quickly for me, because everybody is busy promoting and networking - not having fun or being happy about oneself. In my eyes, Art equals self-expression, freedom, fun, happiness, it has great therapeutic value etc' – but if one suffers for his/her art, or goes to extended lengths to preserve collective memory about one's output, then, in my opinion, there's a built-in conflict and i'll stay away from this person.

Which brings me to the headline again – especially to you, the younger generation: don't see your art professors or teachers as more than they really are – flawed human beings like all of us, who make mistakes, prone to amoral behavior like we all are without exception, their art is just that – expression. Intellectuals know NOT better than anyone else does, their opinions are just as biased, subjective and prone to critical failures in logic. Just as I always criticize science professors for speaking out loud about Politics etc' - which they know nothing about and usually protect globalist values which is akin to how cancer works in the body. Concisely: Nothing makes an artist special than thou. When the artist is dead, like in the case of the aforementioned dude, his work remains physically available but no longer interactively so. Like Fossils. It may survive to a degree, it may not – it doesn't matter to the dead. It may matter to his close ones, but that's all there is to it. And anyhow, for every fantastic artist – a much more fantastic one will soon enough be found and thence replace the long-lost icon.

If you enjoy an artist's work – that's awesome and exciting – but remember that this artist is just as human as you are, don't ever worship anyone or submit to anyone. If the artist's genuine – he/she may engage in fruitful and fascinating dialogues with you, but if he/she asks for more than you are willing to give/do – cut the tie on the fly! Don't ever reveal everything about yourself, leave private details to yourself only, especially in the context of virtual online communications. Always try to be nice to a degree, but also keep your alarms working, because if it's virtual communication, there's always a chance that your peer is not who he/she are presenting themselves to be and/or over-playing themselves. If it's real life, remember that all humans have weaknesses; sometimes fragility comes to play and out of these vulnerabilities (such as loneliness or desire) a person might want closeness with you (especially true for young female art-aficionados), yet oftentimes there will be an underlying malice. Be judgmental and assertive; don't do anything you aren't feeling good about or which seems shady.

I repeat one last time: Art is just art, it's nothing special really... Do not idealize it or do any kind of apotheosis to it. I've always been quite clear, even 30 years ago, about my reservation from the company of jolly artists, hardcore hippies and die-hard idealists who fail to see the gray zone in which most of our lives come into play. 

I have created thousands of digital artworks, hundreds of music albums, yet with all that being said, I don't see myself as an artist – I am a person who tries to explore life, whether creatively, scientifically or intellectually, but that's all there is to it. I run away from being tagged as an artist, especially since my main medium is digital, meaning I use various Artificially Intelligent tools to help me speed up my workflow. Lately, having come to a certain saturation, I have switched my focus to mostly multimedia projects, where I combine my original music with mandala videos that I create from my rich stash of original works of art. Is it art? Is it not? I don't care anymore, that's the plus of being a semi-retired artist, I am just having fun and being happy about my videos and my humble website where I showcase my life's humble fruits of labor. If you all see your work with happy eyes and a smile – you will enjoy not taking yourself too seriously and thenceforth will see everything in the right proportions. Try it - the sooner, the merrier! 

Kindest Regards,
The Art Mutant

Website by TheArtMutant
Warm Greetings Dearest FRIENDS !!!

I'm back again on dA again... YES, YES... Out of LOVE - the best reason! Love IS indeed the strongest force in the universe. I love each and every one of you dear friends, and after trying some other platforms (like Facebook) etc', I couldn't stop feeling the longing to you - from the youngest to the eldest. This is my one and only REAL home... And so I felt out of sync without some sort of presence here... 
I have made a critical mistake by deleting my previous account without leaving myself an option to reactivate it, but perhaps all is for the best... Another good exercise for being ego-less :)
Zero start, from null.

I am here again for the sake and perseverance of all the remarkable friendships - everything else is secondary.
Art is not the focus, like i've always said - without one's journey all we have is mistakable noise. Art without genuine dialogue one with another loses its appeal in my eyes.

I value all the input and dialogue - everything you've ever commented hadn't been lost and is lovingly saved in my archives. I value your time and efforts to the greatest extent.

I've also opened my own website on my own domain @
My creative life is condensed therein and I warmly and lovingly invite you to visit!


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Mnemothra Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Professional
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Solitude and blessings, find you well this weekend.

Winged Flame 
TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018
warm greetings dear Mark!
How do you do my friend?
I'm happy to hear from you at all times! Best regards to you, keep up the high spirits.
Warm regards and heartful wishes!
SophieDereal Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018
i love your avatar, reminding me a portrait of Rimbaud, re-interpreted by Ernest Pignon Ernest...:)
TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018
I'm blushing, thank you dearest friend! :)
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I feel celebration for this day :la:
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Thank you very much dear Christian :)
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Hello Soul Artist!!!! =D

Just saying hi! Sorry, I've been away lacking the network for a while.
Thinking of you. Hope you're doing well. Hug

TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018
Hello dear comrade!
Thanks for your enlightening message :)
I'm doing very well, hoping to hear the same from your end of the spectrum.
I'm on Instagram now -…
Trying to gather new friends and share my humble psychedelic visions with the world...
Warm greetings & kindest regards! 
Mnemothra Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018  Professional
Best wishes and humble regards to that! Many blessings dear Artisan and friend. :)
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Just wanted to let you know you're awesome!!!!! Sunglasses are good That's basically it.
Have a wonderful remaining week!! Peace out!!! Peace
Peace & light!
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salutations dear friend! 
check this out -…
do you dig? :) 
Valpigle Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018
Splendid smooth sail. Check me playlist…
TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018
oh neat! somehow missed this playlist before, weird! looking promising habub! 
it's an interesting synchronicity that we both seem to enjoy psychedelica which has a tad of that old-school lo-fi touch; akin to old vhs :) 
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Spirit-Of-Cat Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
UD! :huggle: It's great to have you back! <3
I did think you'd hopefully return one day, and I'm so glad you did :3
How are you?
TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
Warm greetings dear Ina!
I'm very happy to see you again too ^_^
How are you doing? What's new? How' school?
I'm well, thank you very much; life's journey continues, most of my energy nowadays goes into my videos on youtube -…
I also have my own website now @
Best regards always! 
Spirit-Of-Cat Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! >w>
Ah, school's been kinda tiring lately, but still cool, thank you! :3
Whoa, I'll be sure to check out your channel and give it a listen whenever I can! :D
Your website looks great so far, UD! I love the look you've given it :meow:
Thank you, and same goes for you! <3
RobbyMultimediaPoet Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
Good to see you here, my friend. I have been a bit silent in my muse with how things have gotten busy; I hope to re-emerge soon with more posts of my own works, and being able to comment more on your work.I wish you well! Glad you are here again!
TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018
Deepest blessings my friend, likewise :)
SophieDereal Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
i was watching you since your return but i hadn't any indications of your submissions....oddly...a "bug" of DA, i suppose...:)
TheArtMutant Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
strange but adds to the mystery which is US :)
SophieDereal Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
yes...the magic which is US.....:)
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